Curriculum Vitae


Lindeneg, Thor

Carit Etlarsvej 13

1814 Frederiksberg C

Copenhagen, Denmark

Painter, born April 24th 1941, in Copenhagen

Parents: Aksel Lindeneg and Anna Hauritz Jorgensen

Married December 23rd, 1966 to Bente Eriksen


Travels and stays abroad:

Paris 1966. Netherlands, Belgium and France 1982-84

  Thor Lindeneg belongs to the new surrealistic school called Fantastic Figuration. The works are characterized by extreme technical perfection. The motif is manipulated to let in the surreal, providing the spectator with a metaphysical experience. The paintings are kept mostly in blues and greens. In recent years, the symbolic contents have become more prominent and realism ever more exact.      
  Partial list of Exhibitions:      
1971-74 K.E. Copenhagen      
1972 Charlottenborg Spring, Copenhagen      
1973-75 Niks Malergaard, Denmark      
1975 Gyrr, Copenhagen      
1975-83 Galerie Passepartout, Copenhagen      
1977 Arte Fiera , Bologna Italia      
1979 Realismus des Abenteuers,  Kulturhaus am Lutzowplatz, Berlin      
  Halvorsen Art Galerie, Oslo      
1981 Pro, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen      
1985 Hommage Jeroen Bosch, Galerie Husstege, Holland      
  Art Expo, New York      
  Le Parvis Saint Merri, Paris      
  Candy Floss, Copenhagen      
1986 Des Visionnaires aux Symbolistes, Paris      
1988 Bulowska Galeri, Sweeden      
1989 The Edge of Fire, Birmingham, USA      
1990 About Age, Galerie Husstege, Holland      
  Galerie 7, Mons, Belgium      
1992 Galerie L'oeil, Bruxelles      
1994-2006 Galerie Gerly, Copenhagen      
2000 Aspects of Realism, Skive Museum of Art, Denmark      
2005 InterArt Gallery, New York      
  Fantastic Figuration Skive Museum of Art, Denmark      
2006 The Last Surrealists, Gallery Clifford, Denmark      
2013 Efter Surrealismen , Skive Museum of Art Denmark